The Nature of Services Provided

INCA provide the following services directly to clients in their own home. The level of assistance required and delivered is dependent on the outcome of the client's needs and capabilities:

  • Getting up or going to bed
  • Getting dressed or undressed
  • Personal hygiene (washing, showering, bathing, toileting, shaving, oral hygiene hair and nail care)
  • Continence management
  • Catheter and colostomy care
  • Medication
  • Shopping, pension collection, bill paying/banking
  • Prescription collection
  • Assistance with eating and drinking (meal preparation, cooking and/or heating)
  • Escort duties, whether to the shops, banks, doctors, hospital appointments, polling station etc.
  • Sit-in service
  • Sleep-in or waking night service
  • House cleaning service

INCA clients can be:

  • Older people
  • People with physical disabilities
  • People with mental health problems
  • People with learning disabilities

All visits made will be at the agreed times, to meet the needs of the Service User and their chosen lifestyle. The visit can vary in length from 30 minutes to several hours. One or more visits can be made daily and on one or more days in a week. The frequency of visits will be agreed following an assessment of need that will identify the services required. Full 24 hour cover a day can also be arranged.


INCA also supplies skilled qualified nurses, care workers and support workers to the healthcare industry, making every effort to match the right staff for the right placement and at the right time. INCA provides this service to NHS hospitals, Private clinics, Schools, Residential and Nursing Homes and homes for people with learning disabilities.